Avanzo, a trusted brand in the field of Cyber Security,initiated 8 years back, in the context of increasing criminal activities and deceits using the wide reach of cyber world following the proliferation of broadband and subsequent use of internet over cell phones as well as other web enabled equipment all over the country. Headquartered at Thrissur, in the State of Kerala, India, Avanzo, primarily is a Techno Legal Consulting Organization. We at Avanzo strongly believe that Prevention is Better than Cure and are dedicated to educate about the possible vulnerabilities and the plug-ins in the technology.

The brand Avanzo has two wings, Avanzo Charitable Trust, a non - profit organization, conducting awareness programs especially for school students across India and Avanzo Cyber Security Solution Pvt. Ltd., providing courses on the most comprehensive knowledge and skills in the Network Security, to equip the Network System Administrators & Information Security Officers to understand the security concerns, vulnerabilities, attacks and to plan and implement the desired e-Security solutions.

Avanzo is founded and headed by Dr. PattathilDhanyaMenon, the first woman participant from India in international cybercrime conferences and who won accolades for presenting and publishing numerous articles, technical papers on Cyber Crimes & Human Trafficking, Human Rights in Cyber space etc. She has also been a consultant for Government, Semi-Government organizations for the past several years. She was selected as an associate of the Cybercrime Investigation Team of the Indian Government that was involved in crackling high profile cases. She also holds successful portfolio for handling innumerable and high profile cases and was a consultant in formulating Security Policy for Corporates, Conduct Cyber Legal Audit (IT Act) & IS Audit for banks, provide valuable Techno-legal remedies for Corporates, Government organizations and Investigation Departments and conduct Security Audit as per ISO 27001 and recommend certifications etc.

Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India, under Ms. Maneka Gandhi selected her for the ‘First Women Achievers Award’ presented by the President of India, Mr. Ram NathKovind.


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15 Years of Experience in Investigating Cyber Crimes

The person behind has been in the industry for the last 15 years have been part of Govt. team, handled high profile can both in the corporate lines and social lines

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Makes your brand more credible and available to common end man

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The study or protection of data or information ensures the following;1.Data or Information for 2.Backup 3.Archive

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Financial Security,
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