Awareness program

Cyber Awareness Program [CAP]

We at Avanzo strongly believe that Prevrntions is better than cure and so an awareness program named as Cyber Awareness Program (CAP) is introduced for schools across the country.Children at a very tender age have access to the infinite vistas of cyber space. This early exposure can initiate them to the world of cyber bullying, downloading media like movies and music, harassment through e-mail, text or social networking sites, the viewing of pornographic materials and hacking into computers and public or private networks. With the media spotlight on the deaths of teenagers and young adults resulting from online
harassment and cyber bullying. In the wake of the rising incidents of cybercrimes, the workshops are aimed at sensitizing children from class IV-XII. The intention is to reach out to children at an impressionable age when they are likely to get a personal smart phone. So this is the apt time to guide them to make use of technology in useful ways.

Important themes included
in the curriculum

Listed below are some examples of the thematic range of course modules for the educators and the students. Each theme and material will be a part of specially designed curriculum and best practices. The team will provide the resource material such as audio visual aids, documentaries, case studies, films, literature, activity sheets that will concretize the abstract goal of achieving self and social awareness.

Mobile misuse issues

Cyber stalking

E-mail abuse



Cyber Terrorism

Child pornography


Threats using mobiles and emails

Fake profiles

Identity theft

Addiction and Depression

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