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We at AVANZO Strongly believe that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE and so an awareness program in schools named as Cyber Awareness Program (CAP) is introduced for schools across the country. Children at a very tender age have access to the infinite vistas of cyber space. This early exposure can initiate them to the world of cyber bullying, downloading media like movies and music, harassment through e-mail, text or social networking sites, the viewing of pornographic materials and hacking into computers and public or private networks. With the media spotlight on the deaths of teenagers and young adults resulting from online harassment and cyber bullying. In the wake of the rising incidents of cybercrimes, the workshops are aimed at sensitizing children from class IV-XII. The intention is to reach out to children at an impressionable age when they are likely to get a personal smart phone. So this is the apt time to guide them to make use of technology in useful ways.Awareness must start with tender minds that can imbibe the values at its true spirit. In that case children are the appropriate group of the society that can be trained through awareness programs so that they can be the torch-bearers in the molding of a rational nation where people can use technology with reason.

AVANZO has prepared activity based learning program to be incorporated with their core subjects. The program aims at bringing awareness among the students on how to make use of technology judiciously through a lot of child-centric activities that would enable them to find out problems and their solutions. The students after undergoing the modules will organize awareness programs in their immediate community and this will function as a philanthropic chain that works with the motto from children-family-community-country-world.The program endeavors to empower teachers, students and through them their immediate community to utilize technology for the betterment of the mankind rather than falling as senseless preys in its broad spectrum of entertainment and violence. The long-term view is that this intervention will help towards impacting the school environment to a culture where every student is enabled to become a self-reliant, responsible citizen of a techno- global world.A specially designed course for the educators and by creating a set of modules, the Cyber Awareness Program will work with school teachers and students through in-service training in schools, in order to develop educational techniques and resources that will enable the new generation to make use of technology with a constructive, ethical, empathetic and sensitive vision.