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Computer crime represents one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. These can be separated into two categories

1. Where a computer is used to commit a crime
2. When a computer or a net work is the target of the committed crime.

The growth in technology has made it easier for the criminals in the acts. The sophistication of the said technology requires that the evidence is collected and handled carefully by professionals. Loss of evidence is a very common and expected problem as the all the data are routinely destroyed or altered. The disproportional growth of the technology when compared with the loss related to further aggravates the situation.

The types of crimes may be broadly defined as against

1. Government
2. Organisation
3. Individuals(Persons)


In case of an incident for organizations

1. Maintain the computer and other resources unaltered
2. Document the loss suffered and segregate the evident with the help of the professionals and Contact law enforcement authorities

In case of an incident for persons

1. Do not Panic
2. Do not delete or destroy message/ mail/ records
3. Do not try and resolve the issue by yourself
4. Get the help of the professionals to securing the evidence
5. Contact law enforcement authorities