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  • Use antivirus software and firewalls keep them update
  • Keep your operating system up to date
  • Don't open e mail or attachments from unknown sources
  • Use hard to get passwords, do not share passwords, change passwords regularly
  • Back up your data often
  • Don't share access with strangers
  • If you have Wi-Fi network it should be password protected
  • Disconnect internet when not in use
  • Re evaluate your security on a regular basis
  • Do not operate sensitive data from a cyber cafe
  • Make sure your employees and family members know this info
  • Do not reveal personal information
  • Add people to your side only if you know them
  • Delete inappropriate messages from your profile
  • Do not post information about your friends and relatives as you may put them at risk
  • Remember what you post online is not private
  • Do not leave your computer or mobile phone un attended
  • Use licensed software
  • Before you throw something in to the trash make sure no one can misuse it
  • Do not click on any link listed in the email message


  • Understand that the mobile handset & Sim card are your own property
  • Any misuse of these, you are responsible
  • Do not call back on missed calls from unknown numbers
  • Do not send missed calls if it hits a wrong number there could be complaint against you
  • Do not forward messages they may have hidden codes from terrorists & anti socials
  • Do not send obscene messages & it is illegal to have obscene snaps/videos on your mobile
  • Do not give your phone to strangers
  • Be doubly careful when children use your mobiles
  • Do not click photos on mobile camera's without permission from the person shot. It is punishable to do so
  • Keep your Bluetooth off always
  • Do not give your information to strangers
  • Do not store debit card info / pin number on your mobile
Offenses are punishable with imprisonment ranging from 1 to 10 years and/or fines           ranging from Rs.1 lakh to 5 crores


  • Keeping good password practices
  • Emailing safely
  • Backing up data
  • Keeping computers Clean
  • Staying watchful and Speaking up
  • Use internet with caution and care
  • Understanding the legal obligations
(The civil liability is upto rupees 5 crores)


Putting the best security technology in the world can't help you keep your organisation safe, if your employees do not understand and do not co-operate with you in protecting the company resources, and in safeguarding sensitive data then let your employees know their responsibilities.Make sure they know what they can do and what they cannot do.